So... you are considering selling your home. It's likely that several common questions will come to mind:

How much is my home worth in today's market? How long may it take to sell? How will we present our home to buyers? What will we need to do to be ready to list our home for sale? It all seems so over-whelming; what do we do first?

The best way to proceed is to consult with a trusted, impartial, local Realtor® who has a reputation for superior service. Your home's successful sale is entirely dependent upon selecting the right Realtor®. The agent's brokerage, size of sales team, years of experience, number of prior sales and other information that is often touted by agents actually pales in comparison to one simple question:

What is the Realtor's® marketing plan to sell my home?

What will your Realtor® do for you to sell your home? How hard will he/she work for you? How will he/she communicate with you throughout the sales process? Is he/she committed to your sales success or will there simply be a basic sign placed in your yard, a listing on the MLS and a prayer for some other agent to bring a buyer? It sounds silly, but that is the conventional action plan employed by many agents.

If your home is priced properly, marketed aggressively and is easily accessible, it will sell.

That is the simple truth. The strategies actually employed are what separates real estate agents and Realtors®. That is why your choice of Realtor® is crucial to your success.

It's your home. The decision to sell your home may include emotional ties but the implementation needs to be a business decision. Such a decision should never be made based upon obligation, a family connection, friendship or random selection. Sometimes there are difficult, necessary conversations, where an objective, impartial viewpoint is needed. You need an objective professional.

Selling your home requires commitment, an investment of time and resources, hard work and skill. All Realtors® are individuals and will approach the task of selling your home differently. You want to select the one that has a written marketing plan to sell your home, is committed to your success and is willing to work hard for you. Do you really want anything less?


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