Securing a home inspection prior to listing a home may offer a win-win strategy for the seller

The traditional home inspection that is usually paid for by the buyer has the potential power of derailing a transaction in short order.  In this scenario, sellers may or may not be willing to provide certain repairs as requested by the buyer. If such repairs are deemed necessary, such as structural items and the seller is unwilling to comply, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract. The buyer holds all the cards.  

However, prudent sellers seeking to maintain better control over the transaction, have the option of having their home professionally inspected prior to listing their home on the market. This proactive strategy will reveal any issues that may have the potential of halting the transaction. The seller can make necessary repairs before they ever become an issue for the buyer. Sellers win with a home inspection prior to listing their home.

An additional benefit for the seller, is the intangible assurance to the potential buyer that the home has already been professionally inspected.  

The cost of a professional home inspection averages $350-450, depending upon the size and type of home. Considering the possible implications, a pre-emptive home inspection is more than just an added cost of the sale, it puts the seller in control and could possibly avert catastrophe at the closing table. Indeed, a small price to pay.  


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